For nearly 40 years France Food is passionate to berries, and trying to bring in your dishes the perfection and simplicity that nature offers us.

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France Food offers a range of fresh berries available throughout the year. We adapt to each type of customer by offering fresh fruit and prepared fruit with special packaging.

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At France Food, we are proud to offer you the simplicity and authenticity of local products while ensuring the best quality. We pay special attention to compliance with hygiene standards in our laboratories packaging / manufacturing and the whole production chain. Our methods impose controls at each stage and ensure complete traceability and compliance with the cold chain.

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In order to better serve you and improve our services, we have started implementing an ISO 22000 certification.

After two years of intense work, we wish to inform you that we are now ISO 22000 certified since July 12, 2018.

This standard is our guarantee of offering our customers maximum security and services while optimizing the skills and quality of work of all our employees.

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France-Food Rungis

33 rue du Poitou PLA CP 30406 94619 Rungis

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France-Food Cavaillon

649 avenue Pierre Grand 84300 Cavaillon

Phone : 04 90 71 49 05     Fax : 04 32 50 23 36

France-Food Perpignan

255 Avenue Georges Caustier 66000 Perpignan

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