Since Prehistory, man consumes strawberries from wild strawberries, strawberries from the woods (Fragoria Vesca). The first cultivation dates from the XIV century with the planting of 12000 strawberries in the garden of the Louvre. These were very perfumed fruits but with a very small size. Its botanical name “fragoria vesca” represents the qualities of this fruit since “fragoria” means Odorant and “vesca” means Edible. The name Fragaria Vesca (in Latin) evolved into fragola (Italian), fresa (Spanish) and fraise (French), this comes from its Latin etymology: fragum (perfume). Since the creation of France Food in 1978, strawberries are at the heart of our business. In direct contact with our producers, we are able to provide a range of varied and tailored services to all types of customers and thus ensure you a quality supply all year round.

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