Duos & Trios

France Food offers fruit assortments in a unique packaging, enabling you to expand your range. Thanks to a striking visual and combinations of fresh fruit, colorful, gourmet, and seasonal, duos & trios allow you to highlight your department and offer your customers new flavors.

Each fruit is meticulously chosen in our laboratories to offer you an irreproachable quality. Our duos and trios of fruits are packed in punnets of 250g, and each package contains 5 punnets of duos or trios. We develop seasonal duos and trios, with cherry in summer, or cranberry in winter, to offer you a range of fruits varied all year round.

All combinations are possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Colis duos France Food Colis duos France Food Hollyfruit Colis trios France Food Colis Trios France Food

Les duos duo-framboise-groseille-hollyfruit-francefood

Red currant | Raspberry

Les duos duo-framboise-myrtille-hollyfruit-francefood

Blueberry | Raspberry

Les duos duo-mure-framboise-hollyfruit-francefood

Blackberry | Raspberry

Les duos duo-mure-myrtille-hollyfruit-francefood

Blackberry | Blueberry

Les duos duo-myrtille-groseille-hollyfruit-francefood

Blueberry | Red currant

Les duos duo-mure-groseille-hollyfruit-francefood

Blackberry | Red currant

Les trios trio-framboise-myrtille-groseille-hollyfruit-francefood

Raspberry | Blueberry | Red currant

Les trios trio-groseille-mure-framboise-hollyfruit-francefood

Red currant | Blackberry | Raspberry

Les trios trio-groseille-myrtille-mure-Hollyfruit-Francefood

Red currant | Blueberry | Blackberry

Les trios trio-framboise-myrtille-mure-Hollyfruit-Francefood

Raspberry | Blueberry | Blackberry


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