Acid and sweet fruit, the blackberry is very rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C

Consumed mainly plain, it can also be used in baking and has many affinities with both sweet and salty.

France Food is able to offer you quality blackberries throughout the year thanks to the diversity of our origins and our network of producers. We adapt our packages to suit your needs:  everything is customizable to best meet your expectations.

La mûre France Food Hollyfruit La mûre France Food Hollyfruit Tarte-Mure-France-Food-Hollyfruit

La mûre Barquette-125g-mure-Hollyfruit-Francefood

Punnet 125g

La mûre Colis-Mure-Driscolls-Francefood

Driscoll’s package 8x125g

La mûre Colis-barquettes-ouvertes-mures-Francefood

Open punnets 16x125g





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