Founded in 1978, France Food is specialized in the trading, distribution and processing of fresh fruit with an initial vocation for berries (strawberries, raspberries, red currants …).

At the origin of the fresh strawberries in the pastry laboratory, we have been able to respond to the ever changing market by developing new products adapted to the needs of our customers.

In order to offer our customers the most appropriate product, while guaranteeing an impeccable quality and service, France Food has moved closer to Production in order to have control and control “from field to plate “.

Today, as a force for proposals in the fields of whole fresh and pre-cut fruits, we are listening to the professionals so that they guide us in the development of the products of tomorrow.

Three words: creative, open, and reactive, illustrate our original leitmotiv: “To continually improve and innovate”.


From a family that expatriated from the West Indies in the 1960s, Olivier de Reynal created France Food in 1978 on its historic site in Rochefort en Yvelines.

He made France Food a specialist in the importation and distribution of fresh strawberries to fruit processors. The product strawberry is still rare, being mainly seasonal, and not adapted to transformers looking for a precise specification. Quickly, the passion and the listening of the customer pushes France Food to extend its offer by proposing semi-prepared fruits like the cut-off strawberry, but also the peeled kiwi. Always pushed by innovation, France Food develops its “Discofraise” in the 1980s. True revolution, especially in the laboratory of pastries, it saves considerable time and optimal management of production costs.

In 1996, France Food moved to the Rungis MIN to increase its offer and provide more services to its customers, which are concentrated in the North and in Paris region.

In the 2000s, France Food opened a unit in Cavaillon to develop and offer customers in the south the same services and services as customers in the North.

Over time, the company has diversified partnerships and is expanding its range of products while specializing in fresh berries. This allows it to expand its customer base, which now extends from transformers, to central purchasing companies, wholesalers and semi-wholesalers …

Always driven by innovation and passion, France Food began in 2010 to move closer to production in order to offer to all of its customers the best quality possible. In 2012, it began to integrate some of the products it marketed, giving it little by little an autonomy in its varietal choices, products and packaging that it deems most suited to its customers.

In 2016, we continue to strengthen our integration policy. This happens now in France but also abroad or we install our subsidiaries at the heart of production. Innovation is our engine and the satisfaction of our customers our fuel.


What drives us first and foremost at France Food is our passion; The passion of our products, our market, our customers.

It is the guarantee of the authenticity of the exchange and the relationships that we have daily with our producers, suppliers and customers.

We have the privilege of sharing with the largest number of products, beautiful and simple from the land.

Berries are synonymous with joy, sharing and pleasure.

This demands respect and humility, words that in this world in perpetual evolution may seem to vanish. Therefore, we strive to provide our support to our producers, suppliers and customers in order to build a sustainable and sustainable environment together.

It is all together that we can build and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.