The Kiwi Baby

The kiwi baby, also called kiwaï or Siberian kiwi is a fruit with smooth skin, green, to eat with or without the skin. Very rich in Vitamin C and oligo elements, the kiwi baby has the good reputation to fight tiredness and is very popular with children !

Native to East Asia, this kiwi variety can withstand temperatures around -25 ° C! It is the fruit of Actinidia arguta, a vine up to 15 meters high which contains 20 to 50 kilos of baby kiwis, harvested by hand one by one!

France Food proposes baby kiwis Hollyfruit, packaged in punnet of 125g (8x125g). We also offer customized packages to best meet your needs.

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Package 12x125g

Hollyfruit Sélection

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