Le Discostrawberry

Express strawberry pie !

What the Discostrawberry? Fresh 1st quality cut strawberries  positioned in a specific ready to use support for garnish your pies!

Easy to use, it will reduce the preparation time strawberries for garnish your pies while ensuring a constant visual of the product.

This revolutionary patented product is available throughout the year, on 22cm diameter and 28cm. Another advantage; a guaranteed net weight and therefore no loss!

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Discofraise France Food Hollyfruit


DiscoFraise France Food Hollyfruit




 Fill your pie with pastry cream.

Take a Discostrawberry and spill your pastry cream filled pie shell on Discostrawberry.

Take all positioning them well open hands under Discofraise, thumbs on the pastry.

Flip all towards you by pressing firmly on the removable Discostrawberry disk.

Drizzle. It’s ready!



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