Product quality and consumer safety have always been at the heart of France Food’s concerns. That’s why we operate at every stage of the supply chain, from field picking to delivery to our customers.

We maintain close relationships with our growers to develop cultivation methods that respect the products, the environment and the requirements of our customers. Our specifications combine them with our quality approach and allow us to guarantee consumers healthy fruits and meet their expectations.


Upon arrival in our warehouses, the goods are approved to verify compliance with the specifications. Our HACCP approach ensures the food safety of the products whatever their journey: cutting, packaging or order preparation. The modern construction of our installations ensures optimum hygiene conditions for all stages of the life of the product.

The ultimate goal is to provide all consumers with fresh, good and healthy products.

In order to continue investing in continuous improvement, France Food decided to take part in the ISO 22000 certification process which it undertook a little over a year ago. The end of 2016 should see these efforts come to fruition.



Logistics is an inseparable part of quality, whether it concerns the product or the customer service.

Our different locations in France at the heart of the MIN and on the main foreign production areas allow us an excellent reactivity as well as a strong weaving with many logistic operators who are rigorously selected. They allow us to adapt to many customer requests.



In order to guarantee optimal quality and a range of services adapted to the needs of each customer, we operate throughout the production chain. From varietal choice, to cultural monitoring, to conditioning, we accompany our producers on a daily basis.




At France Food, we are proud to offer a range of adjustable services for each of our customers. The strengths of an PME are adaptability, flexibility, responsiveness and listening.

Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from our know-how in innovative and tailor-made solutions.