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Creation of France Food by Olivier de Reynal in les Yvelines France.
Olivier, whose roots are in the French West Indies, is the father of Marc, the current CEO.

He is passionate about land and trading. Since his childhood he has been immersed in the agricultural world of sugar cane and banana production. When his parents left their native island, he discovered the world of commerce and especially fruits & vegetables trading at the Halles of Paris which then began their migration to Rungis.

Originally, the idea of France Food is to specialize in the importation of fresh strawberries, at that time rarely present in France, and to market them, especially to fruit industrials and pastry chefs. Bringing fresh strawberries all year round, choosing them from far away, was a revolution 40 years ago.

The strawberry is, at the time, very appreciated but rare because it is delicate and seasonal.


Always attentive to its customers and faithful to its motto «constantly improving and innovating» France Food is expanding its range by offering peeled fruits such as kiwi and developing its Fresh Discofraise. Pastry laboratories are developing, and this innovative product allows them to prepare strawberry pies in record time.


A big step! France Food is moving to the famous M.I.N. of Rungis.

We are optimizing our supplies by moving closer to the different logistics hubs and starting to expand our product offer with our first raspberries.


Until then, France Food had concentrated on the North of France and the Paris region. We open a unit in Cavaillon and thus offer our entire range of services to the South of France.

In the 2000s, clientele grew significantly. From processors to wholesalers to the first GMS, customers are increasingly trusting us.

2007 - 2008

A page turns and a new chapter begins at France Food. After more than thirty years, Olivier decides to take some well-deserved rest and pass the torch to his son Marc.

2010 - 2012

France Food is strengthening its sourcing and is now a more active producer. Producing directly or through partners means, gaining autonomy in choosing the varieties, the cultivation methods, and the most suited packaging to a demanding clientele. It also means guaranteeing the strict execution of the sanitary and eco-responsible specifications.

2015 - 2016

For even more control of the fruit chain from the field to the plate,France Food opens a subsidiary in Spain and one in Holland. In the heart of the fields, we are learning a new profession and we are continuing to gradually secure our volumes by contracting them directly from the producers. Thanks to this, we meet the demands, and we guarantee quantities of fruits for our customers without suffering from the uncertainties of the market which is very volatile.

2020 - 2021

France Food is making a strategic development and is strengthening its position in France by acquiring the Strawberry branch of the Rouquette group. This allows us to offer an additional prestigious origin that we were missing: France.

A new adventure is taking place and with it the ambition to develop further the berries sector in France, in symbiosis with our producers.

It is also an opportunity for us to reshape our identity to be part of the future.

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France Food Values
Key dates

Passion driven

We are driven by the love of beautiful products and flavors.

We are invested by the daily desire to support our producers to bring to the plate the best tasting experience.


For more than 40 years we have put human contact at the center of everything!

With our producers, customers (all loyal!) and our team – often at our side from the very beginning, we are committed to building strong and rich relationships.


For us, transparency, honesty and respect for people and the planet have always been a vocation.

We continue this mission by constantly working to accompany our structures towards ever more progress in accordance with all regulations.


Building on the richness of our history and respect for traditions, we are constantly looking for progress.

We work with enthusiasm daily to grasp all the new tech opportunities and apply them to our activities.

the team

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