Our conditioning station is nestled in the middle of the strawberry fields, in Aiguillon, in the heart of Lot-et-Garonne. Every day, we work together with our producers to bring, season after season, the most beautiful and tasty products.

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A French production

In 2020, a new major milestone:

France Food has become a dynamic player in the production of French strawberries by acquiring the strawberry branch of the SAPA Rouquette Cooperative, historically located in the South-West of France.

Participate in the French sector.

Today with strawberries and tomorrow with a range of berries, France Food aims, relying on its network of committed French producers and on its expertise of 40 years, to help consolidate the French sector and to become a significant player.

Partners in production

We choose our producers according to technical specifications that emphasize on quality, traceability, and in strict compliance with standards.

In the heart of the fields, France Food is committed throughout the year, alongside its partner producers, providing technical expertise, logistical support and all the different needed tools.

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According to which criteria France Food selects its origins, harvest sites and varieties?

Each product family (strawberry, raspberry, etc.) will have its own journey, depending on its seasonality.

All our choices are made for the satisfaction of our customers. Today the consumer is more informed than ever. Berries remain above all products of pleasure; and taste, especially in France, is an indispensable quality requirement. We therefore select the most tasteful varieties and we continuously look for optimization.

We need to be vigilant about everything: farming methods, impact on the environment, farmers’ well-being, transport conditions… That’s why sometimes, even if we detect a variety that seemingly promising, we can choose not to market it if we can’t guarantee its freshness or secure its profitability for the producers.

Our customers and consumers want transparency and guarantees of quality. That is our daily mission.

What are the advantages and guarantees offered by France Food?

The French legislation is one of the strictest in the world and it is sometimes difficult to understand the abundance of standards and labels. Consumers may be lost and that’s perfectly normal! Our expertise has been patiently built for more than 40 years. Beyond these labels and standards, which of course we respect strictly, we defend the common sense. We offer a complete range of berries all year round and we are at the same time the guardian of their traceability. We also work in solidarity with all our partners, from the field to the delivering of our customers’ orders.

Supporting our producers is a fundamental mission at France Food at every stage. From the choice of varieties to the order plan and technical support, and of course the investment, we are by their side.

In France, we are moving up a gear this year with the acquisition of the SAPA strawberry production in Aiguillon. A beautiful French shipping station that we will help grow.

What are France Food’s future plans?

With the acquisition of SAPA, France Food became an actor in the French production. Our goal, hand in hand with all the players, is to continue to strengthen the French strawberry sector and develop a dynamic berries industry that can compete «French-style» with large multinationals.

More generally, we want to continue to prepare ourselves for the requirements of tomorrow with numerous varietal studies and an ethical will to always manage our environmental and social impact (for example, our transition to sustainable packaging); even if it is not in our DNA to use it as a communication strategy.

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